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Welcome To Your Creative Space

Miami Film House is the ultimate solution for all your creative needs! Our rentable photography and film studio space is located in the heart of Miami. The studio is for creators who want to bring their vision to life. And, we're proud to offer one, but two locations to fit your production needs at an affordable rate. So, if you're ready to take your creativity to the next level, Miami Film House is



Our Multi-Set studio is perfect for music videos, social media content, Photoshoots and more. One side of the studio space is all black and the other has our built-in-sets. The entire space is available to use during your session. Studio will be reserved only for your session.


  • Built-in Sets 

  • Godox 60 with Softbox (1)

  • Make-up Station 

  • Wifi 

  • Bluetooth Speaker

Built in Sets:

  • Money Room 

  • Pre-Lit White Room

  • Bullet Hole Wall

  • Graffiti Hallway

  • Metal Room Set

  • Red Chrome Set

  • Black-out Area

  • Vinyl Disc Backdrop (Rolling Set)

  • News Paper Backdrop (Rolling Set)


The Content Room is great for capturing stunning portraits, headshots, e-commerce shots, and much more! It is equipped lighting, backdrops and a makeup station to ensure that your photoshoot is nothing short of perfection. Plus, the space is ideal for productions with 4 people or less, making it the perfect choice for your next project!


  • 2 Backdrops (white & dark gray),

  • (1) Godox 800w

  • (1) Godox 600w

  •  Makeup area

  • a 50inch vertical smart TV.


 No camera or operator is included in the rental.

You will be required to set up the production space for your own needs and design and return all furniture, cables and lights when finished. Please note, Sets are subject to change without notice (although we do try our best to keep the page updated)

Please read our rental terms & FAQ before booking.​


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