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Multi-Set studio perfect for music videos, social media content, brand lookbooks, Photoshoots,  Video Shoots,  and Editorial Photos. One side of the studio space is all black and the other has our built-in-sets. The space serves as a blank canvas for your imagination. The entire space is available to use during your session. Studio will be reserved only for your session. 


  • Paper Backdrops

  • Built-in Sets 

  • GVM RGB Lights (2)

  • Godox 60 with softbox (1)

  • C stands (3)

  • Sandbags (3)

  • Make-up station with Ring Light

  • Wifi 

Built in Sets:

  • Money Room 

  • White Room with changing lights 

  • Black Room with tube lights

  • Bullet Hole Wall

  • Graffiti Hallway

  • Artillery Safe Room

  • Disco Set

  • Outside Area

 No camera or operator is included in the rental.

You will be required to set up the production space for your own needs and design and return all furniture, cables and lights when finished.

Please read our rental terms & FAQ before booking.

By Appointment Only!



3 hours minimum for Video Shoots

2 hours minimum for Photoshoots ONLY


*after hours


***Rental rates apply between the hours of 9 am - 11 pm.  All time outside of these hours increases to $150 per hour.

*** If time is needed outside the business hours, please contact us directly.


*** If adding any time to an "After Hours" rental, Miami Film House staff MUST be notified 24 hours in advance.

*** A full day rental is booked for 10 hours. 

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